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Dealing with the IRS is challenging and complicated. Taxpayers may or may not understand the full situation they might have gotten into and how to resolve it. In some cases, taxpayers may owe money to the IRS. In other more complicated case the taxpayer may have years of unfiled tax returns or filing incorrect tax returns leading to more serious situations of noncompliance which the IRS treats much more strictly.

Regardless of your situation we are here to help you resolve your tax problems and clear your name with the IRS. Our experience and years of dealing with the IRS has given us the competency and know how to help you significantly reduce your tax liabilities. TAX Avenger does not only offer to resolve your tax problems and clear your name, but will put together a tax plan for you to ensure that you will not have any future problems with the IRS.

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Whether you have federal or state income tax problems, unfiled taxes, payroll tax problems, sales and use tax problems or do not know how much taxes you owe to the IRS as an individual or a business. Tax Avenger is an experienced CPA firm specialized in Tax Problem Resolutions.

You do not know where to start we are here to help!

Tax Problem Resolution Protocol Followed

• Interviewing the client and gathering the case information:

Understanding the client’s, personal and business tax history and situation, and collecting all the prior year’s tax forms filed, and IRS tax notices are our first stage in the tax problem resolution. Even though we can get the exact tax information from the IRS for the client, however understanding the client perspective of their financial and personal situation will help us in resolving their tax problems.

• Contacting the IRS, requesting transcripts, and knowing the client’s exact situation and problems:

The second step starts with preparing the POA (Power of Attorney), in order to represent the client in front of the IRS. Then, contact the IRS, and request Tax transcript, which will help us clarify the Client’s situation. There are several types of tax transcripts, that will help us to get the latest tax returns filed in case the client does not have a copy of their prior tax returns. Wage and income transcript, these transcript will identify the client’s prior years wages and income amounts and sources through the forms W2’s and/or 1099’s. Account Transcripts, these transcripts, help us find the amount of taxes owed by the client in their prior years filed.

• Analyzing the situation and conducting the tax research for the more complicated cases:

In this step, we identify the options available for the client to resolve their problems, and in more complicated cases we conduct professional tax research referring to the Tax Code, the Regulation, Revenue ruling, revenue procedures, and tax cases, like the taxpayer’s situation. After that, we advise the client with the best solution for their tax problems.

• Filing the unfiled tax returns, and making the appropriate arrangements for any tax owed:

The final step is to make sure to submit all the unfiled tax returns for the taxpayer, whether individual and business tax return, and to determine the exact tax owed to the IRS. Then, and depending on the client’s financial situation, several payment options are available to clear out the taxpayer tax records. Whether choosing installments to pay back the tax owed or using the offer in compromise to pay the back taxes, our job, is to recommend the best method that is best for suited for their (the client’s) type of problem and which best fits the taxpayer financial situation.


tax resolution services in canton michigan

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Michigan IRS Tax Relief & Tax Resolution Services

There are many different types of tax problems that can be faced with the IRS and each has a unique process and procedure to resolve it. Tax Avenger has mastered all these processes and is here to help you.

tax Problem Resolution Types


IRS Audit Representation

Receiving an IRS Audit letter in the mail is the worst thing you want to get. Handling an audit requires expertise, time, organization, and tax law knowledge. The IRS will request different documents and proofs to determine the accuracy of your tax return. Otherwise, the IRS will redetermine your tax and send you an outrageous tax bill.

Many taxpayers tried to handle an IRS tax audit themselves and discovered they made the wrong decision by saving a little money which could have been paid in professional fees. In addition to the outrageous tax bill, they furthermore wasted their time and effort and incurring additional stress. Once the IRS Auditors feel that you lack experience and knowledge, they start putting pressure on you. Knowing your right is critical, and rest assured that the IRS auditor will treat you differently.

Tax Avenger has the expertise and know-how in dealing with the IRS auditors. We handle it all for you, so you do not have to waste time and effort.


Payroll Tax Problems Relief

Payroll is one of the most critical areas that the IRS treats strict.

Usually, the noncompliance problems (Non-Filing) are considered the most important in the eyes of the IRS from the tax payment dues. However, for payroll tax, The IRS treats both in a cruel way, because that amount represents in part the payroll tax (FICA) and the income tax withholding, withheld from the employee’s checks. That money does not belong to the company; rather it belongs to the employees who had trusted the company to pay on their behalf the IRS.

Tax Avenger will help you file all the unfiled payroll tax forms, as well as making arrangements to pay all your unpaid payroll taxes.


IRS Liens release

When you owe federal taxes, and you are not responding to the notices sent to you by the IRS. The IRS will file a lien against your assets, especially the real estate assets, your wife assets, and your business assets including accounts receivables, in order to collect the taxes that you owed.

On top of that, the lien filed by the IRS will show on your credit history and affect your credit score, and this will raise your interest rate very high (i.e., leasing a car or buying a house or property).

The ideal way to get the IRS lean released is to pay in cash the full amount owed. Alternatively, there are arrangements that can be made with the IRS (i.e. payment plan, offer in compromise, etc.….) which can enable you to get a full release from the IRS lean.

However, the IRS allows for other options in order to reduce the impact of the tax lean, such as discharge of property, subordination, and withdrawal. These options do not provide a full release from the IRS leans, but they can mitigate the impact of the lean by a partial discharge. For example, the subordination does not provide a full release from the lean but allows other creditors to collect their debt from the taxpayer first. This results in improved credit history and thus allows the taxpayer better chances to be approved for financing (i.e. loans, mortgage).

Tax Avenger will help you correct your tax situation, and be in compliance with the tax law, thus restoring your credit score, and saving you money.


Individual and Business tax return problem resolutions

Failing to file your tax returns is one of the most significant noncompliance problems with the IRS, and in some cases, the IRS will press criminal charges.

You are taking a risk for possible prosecution charges and even possible jail time, which is one year for each year not filed.

Sometimes the IRS will assess your taxes based on their special module, and they will come up with an outrageous amount of taxes to be paid. Voluntarily filing taxes will help you prevent such overstated tax assessments and avoid paying more penalties and interest.

Tax Avenger will help you file the prior unfiled tax returns, and to get in compliance with the Tax law, and bring to you the peace of mind that you deserve.


Payment Plan Offer in compromise for old back taxes

The IRS has created a program that allows taxpayers to settle their tax debts with the least amount paid for those who cannot afford to pay.

The Code Section 1722 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 as amended, states in part: “We will accept an Offer in Compromise when it is unlikely that we can collect the full amount owed and the amount you offer reasonably reflects the collection potential…”

This option allows you to fully pay all your back taxes, penalty, and interest, at a discount, based on your financial situation.

The steps taken into achieving this offer in compromise as well as how significant of a proposal the taxpayer should include is critical for the IRS in accepting this kind of settlement.

Tax Avenger has years of experience and knowledge to achieve this goal for its clients.

To qualify for the offer in compromise, the IRS has created a Pre-Qualified tool for determining eligibility. If you don’t qualify for the IRS Offer in Compromise program, a Payment Plan may be one of the options that you should consider to resolve your problems.


IRS Levies and Wage Garnishment release

When the IRS is trying to contact you by sending you several notices, and you are not responding, they may use this type of procedure to get your attention and to recognize that this is a very serious.

The IRS can levy your assets such as financial assets (stocks, bonds, bank accounts), personal assets, but most importantly your wages, which are considered by most of the taxpayer as the most significant source of funds.

Moreover, the IRS can levy your Social Security checks and your retirement fund. Tax Avenger can help you in getting released from those levies and help you correct this unpleasant situation.

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