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Located near Canton, Michigan, Tax Avenger is knowledgeable in tax preparation and tax filing services for individuals and businesses. We’re dedicated and fully committed towards offering exceptional tax solutions to our clients. Our firm takes pride in the comprehensive local experience in tax accounting and tax filing services. We offer affordable tax solutions with excellent expertise and experience to handle all your accounting needs.

Our goal is to offer our clients with high quality and accuracy and assure compliance with all government laws while maximizing our clients benefits and reducing their tax liabilities. We provide a full complement of services from business, Individual, financial and income tax consulting to accounting, and so much more.

Tax Avenger is one of the best tax preparation and accounting companies around the Wayne County area. Our accountant is an experienced Certified Public Accountant (CPA) holding a master’s degree in Accounting with over 20 years of expertise in the field.

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"My husband of 31 years had 5 different types of income/medical retirement from his employer before he finally passed away from cancer in August 2019. Rabih Khalil very quickly and expertly analyzed all of it for this very new grieving widow, and he remedied my tax liability by $10K with his knowledge of the tax code "

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Our Tax preparation services in Canton include the following:

Business Tax filing
Tax Avenger is one of the best tax firms near Canton MI providing taxation services for small business. Our business income tax preparation starts with the creation of a thorough plan centered on knowledge of the client business type and operation. We work alongside clients to assist them to uphold income tax compliance with federal, state, and local regulations. And ensure our client is receiving any and all deductions or credits available to them within the law.

Individual Tax filing
We process tax returns quickly and accurately, ensuring we take full advantage of all the available credits and tax deductions to which you’re entitled. We take the time to evaluate your type of earnings and work hand in hand with you to select plans which will benefit you in both the immediate future along with the long term. If you are an independent contractor seeking to deduct business expenditures or a salaried worker with deductible retirement savings, we are able to help.

Do you have a problem with the IRS? We can help you.

When it comes to individual and business income tax return problem resolutions, you should have a pro on your side. Failing to file your tax returns is one of the biggest noncompliance problems with the IRS, and in a few cases, the IRS can press criminal charges. In some cases the IRS will assess your taxes based upon their special module, and they will come up with an outrageous amount of taxes to be paid.

Fortunately voluntarily filing taxes will help you to prevent such overstated tax assessments and prevent having to pay more penalties and interest. Tax Avenger will help you file the previous unfiled tax returns, and abide by tax laws. Get in touch with our local accounting office in Canton today. We offer free consultations and are hoping to hear from you. Let’s get started today.



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Tax Avenger provides full-service accounting and bookkeeping for small businesses in Michigan. We also provide onsite and online Quickbooks assistance to the business owners.

Special Offer Tax Preparation Starting at $99


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Why You Should File Your Taxes – Canton MI

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What Is a Tax Deduction and Its Benefits? | Canton MI

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Why You Need a CPA? | Canton MI

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Tax Avenger works with clients throughout Michigan and beyond. We help individuals and businesses with income tax preparation, tax returns, accounting services, FBAR & FATCA Expats, payroll services, remote sellers, online business income, online sales tax, individual tax preparation, business tax preparation, Certified Public Accountant CPA services, tax resolution assistance, individual income tax preparation, small business income tax services, business startup assistance, financial statement support, Form 1040, Form 1041, Form 1065, Form 1120s, income statement preparation, LLC assistance, partnership income tax preparation, prior year return filing, prior year tax return preparation services, S-Corp income tax preparation, self-employed income tax preparation, small business accounting, and more!

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